Cultural Anthropology

College of Sciences
Department of Anthropology

18 total credit hours

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Cultural Anthropology Minor allows students to explore the diversity of cultures in a variety of non-Western and Western contexts, both historically and in the present. Students examine how ideas about cultures have evolved over time and how anthropology has researched, analyzed, and understood cultural diversity and change. Courses include topics of colonialism, Westernization and culture change,
globalization, migration and refugees, poverty, war and violence, race, gender and sexuality, media and popular culture, and medical anthropology. There are three great reasons to pursue the Cultural Anthropology Minor. First, the material is intellectually exciting and engages students in thinking about the most pressing social, global, and political issues taking place around us. Second, understanding
cultural complexities complements and adds depth to any major, and demonstrates students well-rounded education. Third, cultural anthropology opens doors in variety of career setting, including global and local advocacy, public service, health sector, business, research, and teaching.