Digital Media

Undergraduate Degree
College of Arts and Humanities
School of Visual Arts and Design

120 total credit hours

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The B.A. in Digital Media allows students to integrate the multiple domains of art, storytelling, and technology. It is designed to provide a solid foundation in techniques and theory in one focused area of competence, provide a broad understanding of related disciplines including arts, humanities, and technology, and provide extended experience in working in multidisciplinary teams on realistic problems. The program is administered through the School of Visual Arts and Design with the College of Arts and Humanities. It recognizes that there are many combinations of courses which meet the needs of individual students. Two specializations -Game Design and Web Design – lead to a Bachelor of Arts degree. Note: Although the School of Visual Arts and Design maintains a computer lab for student use, majors must have continual access to a computer. Contact the UCF Computer Store or see the website ( for the minimum hardware and software specifications.

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