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The faculty is incredible. It’s no surprise. We’ve assembled advisors and faculty from across the university to facilitate presentations and special interest sessions. You’ll get a unique sneak peek into what UCF really is like.

Everyone is so friendly. From our staff to our students, we’re all here to help. It’s easy to strike up a conversation or bond over common interests. We love UCF, and we want you to, too.

I learned so much. There’s a lot to know about going to college. Our informative sessions are led by experts and designed to arm you with tips and tools to be successful in your transition to UCF. You’ll leave knowing more than when you arrived.

It really was fun! Our Admitted Student Open Houses are two of our most anticipated events of the year. After the day’s over, we’re sure you’ll say, “I’m glad I came.”

I belong at UCF! That’s the goal, isn’t it? To know where you belong? We want you to walk away confident that you made the right decision in becoming a UCF Knight. We’ll paint a picture of life at UCF so complete that you’ll either love us or… not. And that’s ok too.

But we’re sure you’ll love us. So reserve your spot at an Admitted Student Open House today.