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In August 2023, UCF announced a minor change to its decisioning timeline for first time in college (FTIC) students applying to the summer and fall 2024 terms whereby initial admission decisions were to be released in mid-November. Based upon feedback from school counseling colleagues, stakeholders, prospective applicants, and families, we’ve concluded that it is in the best interest of students to delay implementation for one year.

Therefore, first-year students applying to the summer and fall 2024 terms will begin seeing decisions released on their Future Knight Portal beginning in mid-September, consistent with prior years’ rolling admission processes. Admission decisions will continue to be released weekly through May 1. We continue to urge students to submit applications early in their senior year of high school for maximum consideration in the admission process, for priority scholarship consideration, and for housing consideration.

Information regarding FTIC decision releases for students applying to the Summer and Fall 2025 terms will be provided on our website and through other channels later this year.