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Apr 18, 2013 to Jun 28, 2013


The Children’s Learning Clinic-IV (CLC-IV) in the Psychology Department at UCF is recruiting typically developing boys between 8-11 years old to participate in a research study. The aim of the project is to better understand the complex relationships among children’s attention, memory, and activity level. Parents are provided a free, written, comprehensive psychoeducational report that includes detailed summaries of their child’s standardized intelligence (WISC-IV) and academic achievement test (Kaufman Test of Academic Achievement) performance, a comprehensive assessment of their child’s short-term memory, working memory, long-term memory, visual problem solving abilities, their ability to sustain attention over time, and objective measurement of activity level.
All parents receive a comprehensive report detailing the results of the assessment, and specific recommendations relevant to optimizing learning and memory in their children. A telephone interview (~10 minutes) asks questions about your child’s behavior to determine initial project eligibility. Standardized parent and teacher questionnaires are sent subsequently to parents in stamped envelopes.
Participation in the project requires attendance for 2-4 sessions to complete historical and developmental interviews (parent) and standardized testing (child), as well as four, 3-hour visits (children can be dropped off and picked up at the CLC-IV for these sessions) scheduled one-week apart (on Saturdays during the academic years; on weekdays during the summer months) to assess memory and other cognitive abilities. Children play games during multiple breaks and receive a prize for their participation each week. If you would like more information about the project please contact the CLC-IV (407) 823-5773 or Dr. Mark Rapport, CLC-IV Director, at mdrapport@gmail.com or visit the CLC-IV website at www.childrenslearningclinic.com.

URL: http://www.childrenslearningclinic.com
Contact Person: Dr. Mark D. Rapport
Phone: (407)823-5773
Posted By: Dr. Mark D. Rapport