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Jan 13, 2014 to Apr 29, 2014


For help with writing in every discipline, the UWC now invites students, faculty, and staff to schedule recurring weekly consultations during Spring 2014. Weekly consultations help writers and tutors to focus not merely on fixing a single piece of writing, but on developing skills over the long term, for the next writing task, and the one after that.

Trained peer tutors from a variety of majors assist writers at every stage of the writing process, from deciphering complex assignments, to drafting, to revising, to learning strategies for effective proofreading and editing.

Faculty and staff may use the UWC’s new Referral Form, available on the UWC website, to initiate ongoing help for students: http://uwc.ucf.edu/referstudents.php.

Students may use the same Referral Form to arrange a weekly appointment time for themselves.

URL: http://uwc.ucf.edu/
Contact Person: R. Mark Hall
Phone: (407)823-0504
Posted By: R. Mark Hall, University Writing Center Director