Eminent Scholars Lecture Series: Justice for All?

The UCF Center for Public and Nonprofit Management invites you to an intimate, virtual conversation with Dr. Mary E. Guy on November 18, 2020 from 11am-12pm EST. 

Entitled "Justice for All? Public Administration's Role in Advancing Social Equity," the talk examines the levers that public service professionals have at their disposal to advance social justice and serves as the topic for the Fall 2020 Eminent Scholars Lecture Series.

Guy's discussion will consider the roles civil institutions and the public service sector play that go beyond pursuing fairness through equality of administrative access and protecting procedural due process to create a community where equity is the norm. 

It's a timely discussion as we approach a highly contentious election, confront a global crisis, contend with economic instability and navigate social unrest. The challenge of governance extends beyond policies, procedures, and laws. It requires that each community’s social architecture advance equity rather than hinder it. Public service’s many facets offer opportunities to do just that.

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Justin Miller
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UCF Center for Public and Nonprofit Management
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