H2O: for the Spiritually Curious

H2O College is a non-denominational group of Dechurched, Unchurched, & Spiritually Curious UCF students that hang out together weekly to explore their beliefs. Many that attend would classify themselves as "Unchurched" (meaning never attended any church) or "De-Churched" (those that have 'been burned' by the church and never thought they'd talk about Jesus again). We are a Registered Student Organization at UCF and are always around campus hanging in our hammocks, studying together, drinking coffee, or just being goofy. There’s no shortage of fun to be had with this gang but, more than anything, we value the time we spend together every Thursday night talking about Jesus and being with our friends both old and new. We are passionate about connecting with people. 

We meet every Thursday in Student Union room 220. Doors open at 7:45 pm! If you’re interested in getting plugged in with H2O College at UCF or just want to know more, email Savannah at savannahzona@knights.ucf.edu.

Contact Person:
Savannah Zona
(561) 235-9586
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H2O College
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