H2O: for the Spiritually Curious

What should you expect when you walk into Room 220 at 8pm on a Thursday?  We call Thursday night a "Life Group." Essentially, a community on campus that we can do life with. Whether that's going to a football game together, or potentially the deepest spiritual conversations you will ever have.

Here's the breakdown of the night:

  • 7:45 pm Doors Open | Includes music and a time to meet people from different walks of faith.
  • 8:15 pm Ice Breaker | Because who doesn't like sharing their most embarrassing moments?
  • 8:20 pm Tonight's Talk | A talk by one of our pastors or student leaders.
  • 8:50 pm Small Groups | We break out into "small groups" (groups of 6-7 people) usually with at least one of our student leaders. This is my favorite part of Thursday nights. This is a time to get real with others and connect with a small group of people. It's a time to BE KNOWN. 
  • 9:30 pm DONE
  • After: Late Night Social at a cool place like Gringos Locos or BurgerU! Food and people. Two very great things.

Here's the scoop about what H2O is:
1. No - it's not a UCF group that meets up to talk about drinking water. Yes - we sometimes drink water. 
2. No - we are not a college. We are an on-campus ministry through a church in downtown called H2O Church (find out more about H2O Church at 
H2O Website ) 
3. Yes - anyone can come on Thursday nights. Non-Christians, Christians, 
Atheists, Agnostics, people who have no idea. We are Christian based.
4. H2O College is a non-denominational group of Dechurched, Unchurched, & Spiritually Curious UCF students that hang out together weekly to explore their beliefs. Many that attend would classify themselves as "Unchurched" (meaning never attended any church) or "De-Churched" (those that have 'been burned' by the church and never thought they'd talk about Jesus again). 

Contact Person:
Jim Poorman
(407) 489-3440
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H2O College
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