Hack@UCF Meetings go Virtual for Fall 2020

If you're interested in cybersecurity, come and learn with us.  We offer workshops that teach various security topics from the ground up.  Our competitive teams, such as our three-time national champion CCDC Team, participate in many security competitions.  Many of our competitions have gone Virtual this semester and are open to all interested club members.  Visit https://hackucf.org for more information on the club and sign-up for the club mailing list/newsletter.  Join URL: https://ucf.zoom.us/j/99668568780?pwd=THFUWHY2NS9DaUxPelozMDFwdVFPUT09 every Friday starting at 5:30 pm.  We look forward to seeing you on ZOOM!

Contact Person:
Ryan Carnovsky
(856) 689-2334
Posted By:
Collegiate Cyber Defense Club (aka Hack@UCF)
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