"Revival" - BFA Exhibition II

Revival: BFA Exhibition II provides the opportunity for senior undergraduate students majoring in experimental animation to share their research and artistic practice.

Exhibiting artists: Swami Aguilera, Vanessa Astorga, Oliver Banaszak, Cara Benacquisto, Nathaniel Benetatos, Rebecca Biegalski, Bobin Bijoy, Gregory Brierre, Gabriella Burleson, Dylan Cervenak, Ryan Chadeayne, Thany Chau, Gabs Coronel, Conny Cruz, Katherine Darnell, Nathalie Deligero, Edwin Devilas, Brooke Eichberger, Austen Erby, Vlada Evtushenko, Laritza Exposito, Nathan Febriano, Stephanie Febus, Annie Fong, Kevaun Gayle, Mauricio Gonzalez Barragan, Caitlynn Gosha, Alec Greenberg, Angel Hainesworth, Valerie Hamer, Michelle Harris, Cindy Haslam, Armando Hernandez, Sammantha Hill, Stephanie Hull, Julien Joachim, Joshua Kethan, Aaron Knight, Autumn Knox, Triston Krebs, Cristina Lancranjan, Rafael Layish, Jennifer Le, Beux Leto, Joshua Levy, Kristine Lopez, Ethan Lupowitz, Hannah Makholm, Tiffany Marin, Damita McCluster, Taylor McNiff, Joi Miller, Thalia Mondragon, Autumn Montague-James, Brandan Morris, Tin Nguyen, Oluwatoyin Oshomoji, Issac Paz, Christian Petroccelli, David Pinto-Ovalle, Alysia Ramirez, Rebecca Rios, Sara Schubert, Christopher Sciove, Alexander Scott, Tzu Su, Ryan Truong, Rada Ursu, Justine Vadnais, Alec Villena, Amy Wang, Roshumba Wheeler, Alison Wright, Nicole Young, and Jialing Zhang

Exhibition Dates: April 5- 8, 2021

Our physical gallery space has reopened! Hours of operation are as follows:
Monday - Thursday: 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
10 a.m. - 4 p.m. 
Virtual exhibition link: https://bit.ly/RevivalBFA

Free parking is available in Garage F next to CFE Arena. $5 parking lot H-4 or Garage I requires purchasing a visitor permit from a kiosk. Please note that visitors should park in green student spaces ONLY, as the $5 daily permit does not cover red and blue spaces.

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