UCF Coastal "Lunch on the Coast" Speaker Series

One goal of UCF Coastal is to enhance public awareness about the amazing coastal resources we frequently take for granted.  We are proud to serve as a reference and resource for everyone from marine scientists to the general public, businesses and policymakers.

We’re highlighting some recent research undertaken by the diverse, interdisciplinary faculty of UCF Coastal in this new Lunch on the Coast speaker series. Join us to learn what it really means to live in a coastal state, with expert perspectives ranging from archaeology to coastal planning, from engineering to ecosystem and human health.  You’ll discover the full scope of issues currently facing our coasts and the resources that UCF Coastal is bringing to bear on understanding and resolving those threats.

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Join us online for our monthly Coastal talks.

- Tuesday, July 13 at Noon
  Coastal Waters: A Microbial Smorgasbord
Speaker: Melanie Beazley

- Tuesday, August 10 at Noon
  What! No Oysters for Lunch?
 Speaker: Stacy Barber 

- Tuesday, September 14
  Disaster Du Jour:  Overlapping Crises on the Menu
   Speaker: Claire Knox

- Tuesday, October 12
  What’s a Beach Picnic Without Sand?
   Speaker: Kelly Kibler 


- Tuesday, November 9
   Coastal Soil Carbon: Feast or Famine
Speaker: Lisa Chambers

- Tuesday, December 7
   Coastal Fish: What’s on the Menu?
   Speaker: Michelle Gaither

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