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We are asking each faculty member to be proactive and have a plan. The Teaching in the Fall Taskforce has put together these recommendations:

  • Identify at least one faculty member who can serve as an instructional backup for each course section, taking into consideration course modality, faculty expertise, and availability.
  • Develop a transition plan for shifting to backup instructors. The plan should include details on how the change will be communicated to students, how access to the syllabus and other instructional materials needed to continue course instruction will be provided, and a plan for regular communication among primary and backup faculty to facilitate a smooth transition.
  • Create plans for two scenarios: a short-term (2-3 weeks) and a long-term (3 weeks or longer) need.
  • Place as much course information (e.g. assignments, exams, etc.) as possible for the entire semester in Webcourses at the beginning of the term.
  • Make similar contingencies for thesis, dissertation, and independent study supervision backups.