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Routine Testing remains available to our faculty, staff and students via AVENTUS in Garage A main campus Monday-Friday 9-5 and Saturday 1-5.  COVID Line nurses use standing orders for faculty, staff and students who request testing.  Also, SHS, UCF Health, and community providers may order testing through AVENTUS.  This testing is via nasal pharyngeal (NP) samples with PCR testing. Results are available within 48 hours.  Cost is a patient responsibility (has been covered by insurance).

Move-in Testing approximately 6,000 students during August for students on main campus, downtown campus and Rosen campus.  Testing was via NP samples and PCR testing with results in 48 hours.  AVENTUS labs performed the testing with up to 800 students per day.  Considerations include performing a randomized selection as opposed to requiring all residents to be tested.

Random Testing is by selection of groups which may be at higher risk of COVID.  Via a randomized selection process a subset of the group is identified for testing.  This testing is primarily designed to measure prevalence of COVID within selected groups but also identifies persons who may be infectious.  Testing has initially been performed via AVENTUS with NP swabs and PCR testing.  We  will be migrating October 26th  to testing this group at SHS on the main campus Health Center using observed self-collection of nasal samples and the Abbott ID Now molecular testing system.  Results will be same day and we anticipate selecting 110 persons for each testing event.  I anticipate conducting this random testing every two weeks for the next year.  Cost for this required testing is covered by the UCF Cares money.