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Employees in positions needing in-person contact/customer service or that rely on specific equipment or supplies are likely to be required to work on site. Similarly, management and/or supervisory roles may be excluded from consideration for remote working arrangements unless a department finds such an arrangement practical in meeting job responsibilities.

Not all employees will have the opportunity to work remotely given their roles and responsibilities, including the need for on-campus, in-person interactions. Working at a remote workspace instead of the normal campus workplace may be offered to employees as an alternative when such requests meet the eligibility criteria established by Remote Work Arrangements Policy EP-20-6. Criteria include that the position’s duties can be performed at an alternative site, the employee’s performance is at a satisfactory level, the working arrangement benefits both the organization and the employee, the arrangement is in line with UCF’s mission and guiding principles, resources can accommodate the request, and supervisory discretion allows for the employee to work from a remote workspace.