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Building a More Inclusive Culture at UCF

The President’s Student Advisory Council is charged with strengthening the student voice by providing feedback, consultation and guidance on matters of importance and concern within the institution. This Council will ensure the widest range of student voices are heard to promote and sustain an inclusive campus climate at UCF. PSAC members’ primary functions are to engage in conversations with the president and university administrators, solicit input from a broad range of students to inform the council’s advice to university administration and provide recommendations that will develop and sustain a campus climate of inclusiveness.

“Inclusion has never been more important than right now, and we must work toward a culture of respect and civility that celebrates excellence through difference and understands the uniqueness that each individual brings from their backgrounds and lived experiences.”

— President Alexander N. Cartwright, Ph.D.

President Alexander N. Cartwright


Meet the President's Student Advisory Council

Current Members

Meet the 2020-21 President’s Student Advisory Council.

View current priorities and areas of advocacy

Priority Areas

View current priorities and areas of advocacy.

Want to Join PSAC?

The selection process is currently closed and will reopen at the end of Summer 2022 for the 2022-23 academic year. Check your inbox for emails with information on how to apply.

PSAC Selection Process