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President’s Student Advisory Council members work to make UCF more inclusive by advising the university’s president on campus experiences and observations of issues and incidents that occur and providing feedback on the current campus climate. They also advocate for social change by identifying, sharing and discussing possible solutions.

2020-21 Priorities

  • Faculty and staff accountability
  • UCF Police support promoting active antiracism
  • Inequities in advisor resources
  • Increased marketing of Office of Institutional Equity to assist with reporting incidents
  • Disability justice and awareness
  • Zero tolerance policy on anti-Semitism
  • Prayer space expansion on campus
  • Asian student concerns and issues
  • International student concerns and issues
  • Black student concerns and issues
  • Transfer student process enhancements
  • Graduate student concerns
  • Online learning issues
  • Role of the university in educating students about diversity, equity and inclusivity
  • Mental health resources