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The Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) major serves all Associate in Science (A.S.) graduates who desire a Bachelor’s degree for career or personal advancement. The major is low-cost, well-defined, and flexible; the program is specifically designed to accommodate certain non-traditional students – those that have earned an A.S. degree and wish to pursue a Bachelor’s degree. Many of these students are working professionals, desiring to increase their marketability.

The B.A.S. major builds upon the technical or professional skills acquired in the A.S. to develop competencies in management and communication, with emphasis on developing skills in critical thinking, problem solving and decision making. The curriculum consists of core courses in ethics, management and communication, and a concentration chosen by the student. Areas of specializations, or tracks, that are available in the B.A.S. major include:

Progression Requirements

As a state-articulated A.S. to B.A.S. program, admission is restricted to students who have completed an A.S. degree from a Florida state college after 2000, including at least 15 hours of transferable general education courses.

Upon admission to the major, students are encourage to contact a B.A.S. advisor at their regional campus location. Their advisor will assist them with declaring a specific B.A.S. track and with developing an academic plan. The academic plan includes any remaining GenEd courses to total 36 hours; B.A.S core courses (9 hrs); track specific courses (18-21 hrs); and upper level courses to total 42 hours.

Program of Study (2016-17 Catalog)

Individuals interested in pursuing the B.A.S. degree should consult the online UCF catalog for a complete list of the core requirements.

Online Study

The availability of online courses offered each semester is dependent on the availability of faculty to teach them. Each course will be offered during the academic year but possibly not during every semester.

Due to restrictive state regulations, UCF is not permitted to provide online courses or instruction to students in some states. More information on state restrictions is available here.

Advising, Tuition, Student Services, and Additional Information

For questions regarding university requirements, tuition and student services, or to request more information, please contact a UCF advisor at:

Phone: (386) 506-4055


Career Opportunities

  • computer animator
  • construction manager
  • graphic designer
  • health care manager
  • human resources specialist
  • management analyst

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