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A Special Visit

This fall, Bill and Melinda Gates toured the UCF campus.

Fall 2017
Bill and Melinda Gates visited campus on Tuesday, October 25. The Gates Foundation has been looking at UCF as an example of what the future of higher education could look like. 

“UCF has chosen to be a growing university, and one of the key tools they’ve used is online [learning]. It’s taken years to review feedback and to get these things right, but now a lot is known about how to do this well, and UCF has been a leader in [this area].”
Bill Gates

As part of their visit, they learned about UCF’s efforts in digital learning, which are focused on making a high-quality education available to as many students as possible, including UCF’s national champion computer programming and cyber defense teams.
The Gates saw firsthand the innovative work being created at Limbitless Solutions, which encourages students to find new ways to improve the world around them. 
Bill Gates shook hands with Anni Emmert, a recipient of a bionic arm from Limbitless Solutions.


Year UCF Computer Programming Team began competing

Students, faculty and staff who met with the Gates while they were on campus

Percent of all UCF students who take at least one online course each semester

Individuals who have received a 3-D printed arm from Limbitless Solutions

Hours the Gates spent on campus

Consecutive years UCF’s Collegiate Cyber Defense Club, Hack@UCF, has won a national championship