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The Board of Governors will focus its Legislative Budget Request (LBR) on the Pillars of Excellence: Performance-based funding, Preeminence/National Ranking, and University of Distinction issues.



The budget request amount for each Pillar will be determined by the Board.

  1. Performance-based funding – the Board will determine the amount of funds to be requested.
  2. Preeminence/National Ranking – Universities identified as preeminent should complete LBR Form I and II, including metrics to be improved, ranking goal and potential timeline for meeting the goals.
  3. University of Distinction – Pursuant to s. 1001.7065(7), F.S., the Board of Governors shall establish standards and measures whereby state universities that focus on one core competency unique to the State University System that achieves excellence at the national or state level, meets state workforce needs, and fosters an innovation economy that focuses on areas such as health care, security, transportation, and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), including supply chain management, can be identified. Institutions must provide detailed information on how faculty recruitment and hiring and retention initiatives support plans to achieve national and state excellence. Universities that submitted a University of Distinction proposal for 2022-2023 should submit a proposal for the same area of distinction. Any university that received funding for the University of Distinction proposal in 2021-2022 may submit a proposal for any remaining funds needed if the proposal was not fully funded. Universities should use LBR Forms I and II and address the additional requirements outlined in the separate guidance document.

Any system-wide request identified as a critical system-wide need should go through the appropriate system Council (CAVP, CSA, CAFA). For system-wide requests, consideration will be given to requests that allow for greater efficiencies through shared system resources or identified as a system-wide need. If

requesting funds as such, please list all university participants of the initiative and check the box “Shared Services/System-Wide Issue.”

If a university is pursuing a university-unique budget request, the appropriate forms should be completed. These requests will be provided to the Board as information. Any requests unique to a branch campus or a special unit (e.g., IFAS Workload Initiative) should not be included in the main campus request, but reflected separately by use of the forms provided. For unique requests identified by a university, please check the box “Unique Issue for FY 2023-2024.”

Please keep in mind that all issues submitted for consideration by the Board should align with the goals and objectives of the strategic priorities and accountability plan established by each university.

The date of your university board of trustees’ approval (or pending approval) for the LBR must be included on the Form I.