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First Frost

Words and audio by Deanna Ferrante
Photos by Nick Leyva ’15

The Knights lit up the scoreboard in their 2016 season opener against South Carolina State. The game marks the team’s first win since 2014 and the first success for UCF’s new head coach Scott Frost, who joined the university’s athletic department late last year. With this win, Frost and the team’s offensive players rolled up the largest amount of yards gained in a game since 2014. And the defense secured the 23rd shutout by the Black and Gold in school history.

“Think about where we are as a team right now and where we have been. And then think: How high can we go?”
Coach Scott Frost to the UCF Football team after their first win of the season


Final Score


Fans in attendance


Games in the season


UCF offensive plays


Total yards


Time the Knights wore white jerseys at home since 1984