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The Whittakers Support Students at Knight-Thon

Dale and Mary Whittaker help students power through UCF’s oldest philanthropic tradition. 

Summer 2018

Dale Whittaker smiles as he grabs a smoothie and a photographer takes his photo.
“Mary and I are so inspired by our students’ energy and enthusiasm to make a big impact.” 
— Dale Whittaker, UCF president-elect
Two female students use their arms to form a heart while a crowd of people dance behind them in an arena.
The annual dance marathon, held at the CFE Arena on April 7, raised $1,584,698, which is $333,000 more than the funds collected last year.

Mary Whittaker smiles as she hands a smoothie to a student.
Mary Whittaker hands out smoothies to help more than 1,000 participants keep up their energy while they dance for 20 hours to benefit Children’s Miracle Network. 
A young child with long blonde hair smiles at the camera as a crowd of people dance behind her.
The national charity supports children’s hospitals across the nation, and funds raised by UCF benefit Orlando’s Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.
Dale Whittaker smiles and holds a smoothie as he listens to a male student speak.
The 2018 event marked 22 years that students have participated in Knight-thon.