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Knight Power

Providing one-third of the university’s energy needs, this newly constructed on-campus natural gas power plant cuts UCF’s power bill by more than $2 million per year.
Bonus Heat The modern heat and power plant has improved operational efficiency, greater return on investment and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Here, recaptured heat is used to chill 1,000 tons of water for the on-campus cooling system.
BREATHE EASIER By operating the UCF energy plant rather than purchasing energy, the university prevents the release of 9,586 metric tons of CO2 per year, the same as taking 1,880 cars off the road.
Vroom, vroom! The power plant’s 18-cylinder, 30-by-10 foot engine operates 24 hours a day. Burning natural gas is a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally conscious method for energy generation.
Make Your Own MegaWatts — 5.5 TO BE EXACT The generator drive shaft spins at 720 revolutions per minute to efficiently meet one-third of the university’s energy needs. In context, 5.5 megawatts would power 3,700 homes.