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Tech Squad

UCF showcases its tech prowess at Orlando Science Center’s Otronicon.

Spring 2017
Otronicon is the Orlando Science Center’s largest annual event that showcases innovation in electronic gaming and simulation from companies across the industry. From the College of Sciences to the School of Visual Arts and Design, UCF had a large presence across the center in January. Highlights ranged from workshops on gaming and virtual reality led by Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy to a lecture by Professor Ryan Buyssens on his interactive sculpture, “Turbulence.”

“Otronicon is great because grandparents, parents, students and children of every age get to play our games and interact with our staff and students. It’s part demonstration and part celebration of all we do at UCF.”

— Joe Muley, assistant director for academic support services at FIEA

Buyssens’ “Turbulence” is displayed above the main lobby and uses light and motion to react to people moving beneath it.
As part of a lecture about his sculpture, Buyssens used a short video and mechanical devices to show the science behind his art.
Virtual Reality
From upstart companies like the UCF alumni-founded Talon Industries to tech giants like Microsoft, virtual reality was the talk of the show. 
Using realistic silicon face-molds, hair and a deft touch of makeup, UCF studio art student Stephanie Acosta created “A Variety of Ailments” as part of the SVAD exhibit at Otronicon.