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September 14, 2020

Dear Knights,

We appreciate that so many of you are diligently following health protocols and caring for your fellow Knights to help ensure that we can continue our in-person experiences this semester. Your calls for accountability from everyone both on and off-campus are commendable.

Today, a new challenge begins for all of us, as the State of Florida will allow bars and nightclubs to reopen. Crowds at bars not following health protocols have been one of the main reasons cited for clusters of COVID-19 cases in other college towns around the country, and even here in Orlando this spring, before the state ordered bars to close.

If we experience the same problems in the coming weeks, it could force UCF to further restrict our in-person experiences this fall. It could impact face-to-face classes, campus events, football games and more.

We ask you to NOT patronize any establishment unless the following principles are followed:

  • Face coverings should be worn by everyone at all times, only removing them to eat or drink while stationary in one place. If this is not the case, we advise you to leave.
  • Physical distancing must be evident. If there is a crowd, either inside or outside, we advise you to leave the establishment.

When you enter a bar, nightclub or other establishment, check the environment first. If it appears that staff and patrons are not following COVID-19 protocols, leave and go to a place where the COVID-19 protocols are being practiced.

If you feel ill or are on quarantine or isolation, stay home and away from others — do not go out. If you exhibit even the slightest symptoms or feel you may have been exposed to COVID-19 and are in need of testing, call the UCF COVID Line, 407-823-2509, which is staffed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.

I have been very proud to see so many Knights Armoring Up, pledging to do their part and insisting that we hold each other accountable. Let’s all continue to protect our kingdom and protect each other.

Go Knights. Charge On!

Maribeth Ehasz, Ph.D.
Vice President, Student Development and Enrollment Services