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July 22, 2020

Many of you will be making difficult decisions about what your children’s K-12 education or child care will look like this fall. We understand the stress involved in weighing your options and managing multiple priorities, including the impact on your work at UCF.

UCF’s guiding principles for campus operations during this time focus on the health and well-being of our faculty and staff, and we are committed to a flexible and compassionate approach to working with all employees, including those who have children.

We encourage employees to talk with their supervisors about requests related to their work schedules. Whatever the job or employees’ parenting responsibilities, we ask our supervisors to be as flexible as possible with employees’ schedules so they can choose the school format that works best for their families. We acknowledge it may not be possible to approve every employee’s request.

Remote Work and Schedule Adjustments

UCF will continue to encourage supervisors to allow remote work wherever feasible for employees whose job responsibilities can be performed effectively from home. Doing so helps reduce the risk of infection for everyone and provides flexibility for parents who choose virtual schooling options for their children.

Even with this flexibility, employees may still be needed to report to campus under certain circumstances, and we cannot guarantee that you will always be able to be with your child.

In some cases, employees may be able to work alternate or flexible schedules in order to effectively complete their work while also fulfilling their parenting responsibilities.

We recognize that some employees who are parents may need to be on campus for all or some of their hours. We encourage supervisors to consider schedule adjustments where possible for those employees who request them, but in some cases, parents’ school format choices may be limited as a result of their on-campus work schedule.

UCF will continue to emphasize our campus community’s health and well-being and invest in many precautions to help reduce further spread of COVID-19 as more return to campus.

We know that the school year will bring new challenges to an already difficult time, and we thank you for caring for your fellow Knights.

Maureen Binder
Chief Human Resources Office and Associate Vice President

Michael D. Johnson, Ph.D.
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs