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May 14, 2021

UCF next week will begin to offer up to 100 doses of the Pfizer vaccine per day at the Student Health Center on the main campus.

The no-cost vaccine is available by appointment only to all UCF students, faculty and staff. Recipients will need to return about three weeks after their first shot to receive their second and become fully vaccinated.

Through Student Health Services’ efforts, UCF has so far provided nearly 20,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine at mass vaccination events held this year – a huge step in building on our campus community’s health and safety. We are so thankful for all who have gotten vaccinated, including those who have received their vaccine at a community provider in Central Florida or wherever they are.

As we move toward pre-pandemic operations, vaccines are key in allowing us to all be together again while also being protected from the virus. The CDC has updated guidance for those who have been fully vaccinated that allows for resuming many activities without wearing masks or physically distancing. Vaccinated persons may also refrain from testing after a known exposure if asymptomatic, with some exceptions.

Here are a few additional updates related to vaccines:

  • The availability of vaccines at the Student Health Center is expected to continue throughout the summer semester, but with three highly effective vaccines widely available, we urge you to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
  • Ride-sharing companies Uber and Lyft have announced a forthcoming feature in their apps that will cover at least a portion of the cost to and from a nearby vaccine site.
  • Starting with Summer B, UCF students who have been vaccinated may elect to opt-out of COVID-19 testing protocols, such as at UCF Housing move-in or random testing, by providing proof of vaccination.

Getting vaccinated is so important for protecting yourself and our larger UCF community. The risk of getting seriously ill from COVID-19 outweighs concerns about the side effects from the vaccine, and faculty experts from UCF’s College of Medicine are addressing other concerns and debunking myths in this video.

Vaccines are our number one tool for minimizing spread of the virus. While many of our Armor Up efforts — such as contact tracing and the COVID Line — will continue throughout the summer and fall, please strongly consider getting the vaccine if you have not yet already.

Armor Up, Knights!

Dr. Michael Deichen, MD, MPH
Associate Vice President of UCF Student Health Services