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June 16, 2020

We must remain alert that COVID-19 is a contagious illness that poses the possibility of exposure in any public place where people are present.

Despite life seeming more “normal” than in previous months, COVID-19 will be part of our reality for the foreseeable future. We must stay vigilant, especially as the Florida Department of Health reports recent increases in the numbers of confirmed cases of the virus around the state.

Now is not the time to let our guards down. The same best practices that helped us flatten the curve this spring are critical now. They include:

  • Wearing face coverings indoors and outdoors where a six-foot distance from others is not possible
  • Continued physical distancing
  • Frequent and proper hand-washing
  • Avoiding touching your face
  • Staying home and away from others if you are sick

As the university plans for a return to campus that prioritizes the health and safety of everyone in our community, we must continue to take personal responsibility when it comes to protecting ourselves, our loved ones and everyone with whom we come in contact.

These small steps — even the ones that seem strange or inconvenient — should be habit by now, and they remain critical practices.

We know that our students are especially eager to return to UCF, but it is important to be mindful of the responsibility that comes with that. Each of us needs to do our part to prevent an outbreak at UCF.

If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, I urge you to get tested at one of the UCF testing sites or at a location near you. Testing is important for tracking the virus and tracing to prevent further community spread.

It is going to take continued caution and patience to get us all past COVID-19.

I encourage you to visit UCF’s coronavirus website for regular updates, and I ask for your continued diligence in taking the steps necessary to keep you and those around you safer and healthy.

Michael Deichen
Associate Vice President of UCF Student Health Services