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June 23, 2020

As UCF begins a phased return to campus, we continue to prioritize our community’s health and well-being, in accordance with guidance from the state and public health officials. While we all continue to face challenges from COVID-19, it is critical that we take care of ourselves and each other. Following President Cartwright’s Return to Campus Forum and the release of the Return to Campus Plan, we are providing you with updates and additional information on many of the items discussed related to UCF Housing and Residence Life. The following email is lengthy, and we ask that you read it carefully and share it with your family as appropriate.

Required Addendum

UCF Housing will be open to students in the fall and all residents will be required to acknowledge a housing agreement Addendum about the risks associated with COVID-19. Students with completed housing agreements will have the opportunity to review the addendum and then either acknowledge it or cancel their housing agreement. This must be completed by Monday, July 6, 2020.

Please follow the steps below to review and acknowledge the housing agreement addendum:

    1. Log In: Log into the Housing Portal and click on the large black and gold button labeled “Addendum to 2020-2021 Housing Agreement – Action Required.”
    2. Review: Carefully review the PDF document of the Addendum to the 2020-2021 Housing Agreement. We recommend reading this addendum with your family or other individuals involved in any decision-making regarding your housing arrangements. You may download the PDF of the Addendum for your records.
    3. Select Option: Select one of the two options:
      1. Acknowledge Addendum – Your response will be recorded and UCF Housing and Residence Life will keep your 2020-2021 Housing Agreement active. If your Housing Agreement is in a Submitted or Waitlisted status, we will continue to consider it for Confirmed status in the order in which it was originally received.
      2. Cancel Agreement – Your response will be recorded, and your 2020-2021 Housing Agreement will be canceled. If you already have a room assignment for the 2020-2021 year, your bookings will be canceled at this time.
    4. Email: You will receive an email verifying the option you selected. If you selected to acknowledge the Addendum, your email will include the text of the Addendum for your records. If you opt to cancel, your email will include verification that your Agreement has been canceled.

Please make sure to read the remainder of this email before making your decision about the Addendum acknowledgement. We understand some students may wish to wait to make their decision regarding the Addendum until the university releases additional information on July 1, 2020, regarding which courses will be remote. We will send a few reminders regarding the Addendum between now and July 6, 2020, so that you continue to keep it in mind. This must be completed by Monday, July 6, 2020.

Fall Updates and Changes

Reduced Occupancy

Based on guidance from public health officials, UCF Housing will move to reduced occupancy for 2020-2021. The Towers at Knights Plaza, NorthView, Rosen Apartments and UnionWest will remain at traditional occupancy.

Within the Academic-Year communities (Apollo, Libra, Hercules, Nike, Lake Claire and Neptune), 450 of the 1,130 shared bedrooms will be converted to single rooms for reduced occupancy. The conversion of a double room to a single room means that there will be two residents living in a suite originally designed for four — one resident in each bedroom, sharing the restroom. The second set of furniture will remain in each bedroom.

These converted rooms will be located on various floors in the Nike, Hercules and Libra communities. The rental amount for the double rooms converted to single rooms will remain the same.

There will continue to be shared rooms on some floors in Nike, Hercules, Libra and Apollo.

Space and Amenity Restrictions

UCF may restrict the full use of spaces and amenities within the residential communities including, but not limited to:

  • No guests or visitors, at any time, including overnight, are permitted.
  • Access to residential spaces is restricted to residential students, UCF staff and approved vendors.
  • Residents may only enter the residential building to which they are assigned unless otherwise posted (i.e., to access services such as mailroom, laundry or staff offices).
  • Residents may only have one other building resident as a guest in their assigned room.
  • Access to and use of community amenities and spaces may be restricted or limited in capacity (community space, offices, lounges, kitchen, laundry rooms, elevators, etc.)

Medical or Disability Needs

If you have a medical or disability condition that needs to be taken into account during room selection (for example, you cannot live in a shared room),and have not already submitted documentation. NOW is the time to complete the accommodation form and submit your medical documentation. If you do not have a medical or disability condition, you may skip this section.

Please read below for directions on how you can update your medical condition on the Housing Portal:

  1. Log in to your Housing Portal.
  2. Select Housing Forms.
  3. Select Update Basic Information.
  4. Select “Yes” to the question: “Do you need a housing accommodation because of a medical condition or disability? Examples include but are not limited to severe food allergies, mobility restrictions, service animal assistance, autism spectrum disorder, hearing/seeing impairment, etc.”
  5. Read, verify the rest of the information is correct and click Save & Continue.
  6. Fill out the Medical Accommodations box including a brief description of the condition(s) for which you are requesting accommodations, what specific accommodation(s) you are requesting, and what needs you may have in an evacuation/severe weather situation.
  7. Once everything is thoroughly filled out, click Save & Continue.

Please have your information and documentation submitted by Friday, June 26, 2020, so that we can take your condition into account for online room selection appointment times, if applicable.

Additionally, there may be some medical conditions for which on-campus housing may not be appropriate at this time. We understand every person’s needs are different and want to encourage you and your family to make the best decision for you. To determine if you are at a higher risk for COVID-19, please review the CDC’s information on People Who Are at Higher Risk for Severe Illness. If these conditions apply to you and you have concerns about remaining healthy while living in campus housing, please select the cancellation option in the Addendum to 2020-2021 Housing Agreement form.

Room Selection

Online room selection will take place throughout June and July on a modified timeline. Below are the general timeframes. It is important to note that adjustments may be necessary, so students should pay close attention to their email for instructions and exact dates.

  • Rosen: June 11-15
  • Towers: June 16-24
  • NorthView: June 16-24
  • UnionWest: June 24-29
  • Academic-Year: Early July

Prior to room selection for your housing agreement type, you will receive email instructions that include an appointment time where you may enter the Housing Portal to select a room assignment. Room selection appointment times are assigned based on housing agreement completion date. One person from a roommate group may make the assignments for all members of the group. The room selection email will include more detailed instructions for you to review ahead of your appointment. It is important to read all instructions when selecting your room.

Move In

We are developing a phased move-in plan that is in accordance with physical distancing guidelines. Move-in will begin as early as August 8 and will be completed by August 23, with move-in appointments limited by floor and/or community to reduce physical interactions. Move-in appointments will be made via the Housing Portal later this summer.

Residents should expect a mostly virtual move-in process, with no more than two guests permitted. Additional information regarding move-in appointment sign-up and procedures will be communicated to residents via email and will be available in the move-in module in the UCF Mobile app.

Managing COVID-19

Consistent with other return to campus plans, there will be increased cleaning and disinfecting and wellness dividers as appropriate in housing. Requirements such as physical distancing and face coverings in common areas will be required.

It will be incumbent on residents to be mindful of their personal behaviors and accept responsibility for doing their part to keep themselves, their roommate(s) and others healthy. Everyone will need to tackle some personal inconveniences, take personal responsibility and adopt the health measures necessary to promote a culture of health and well-being.

Residents may be required to be tested for COVID-19 and comply with symptom checking. All residents must disclose to Student Health Services immediately upon notification of positive COVID-19 test status or contact from Florida Department of Health about exposure and instruction to isolate.

Students should have a plan for the possibility they may test positive for COVID-19. There will be designated isolation spaces in Academic-Year communities, the Towers, NorthView, UnionWest and Rosen for UCF Housing residents who test positive for COVID-19 and require isolation, based on availability. In the event of a positive test, units would be thoroughly disinfected, and roommate(s) would be connected with the Department of Health for additional guidance.

We highly encourage you to take time to discuss with your family and loved ones prior to move-in what your plans will be should you test positive for COVID-19 while living in UCF Housing.

Extended Thanksgiving Break and Finals

UCF will look to minimize the risks associated with a potential virus resurgence in winter by switching to remote instruction after Thanksgiving. Residence halls, libraries, study spaces and dining services will remain open for student use.

Refunds will not be issued for housing due to courses moving online at Thanksgiving. Residents who choose not to remain in their housing during this time will still be responsible for the terms and conditions of their housing agreement and are responsible for paying their rent.

As additional details are available about the processes and items above, we will communicate them as quickly as possible. Please stay tuned to your email.

Housing and Residence Life