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Earlier this week UCF launched practices for learning and working remotely in an effort to depopulate the campus. Public health officials have said that social distancing is critical in reducing further spread of COVID-19.

This is a period of dynamic change and unprecedented challenge. We must all remain flexible and look for creative solutions to navigate through this time.

Guidance for Supervisors and Employees

Remote instruction will continue through at least the spring semester. Faculty and staff who are working remotely should expect to continue to do so for the immediate weeks ahead.

However, UCF remains open, with employees on campus supporting remote learning, campus operations and other essential areas.

Not knowing the future impact of this pandemic, we understand that finding meaningful work that can be completed either on campus or remotely during this stretch of time can seem difficult. Supervisors are encouraged to find ways to fill employees’ time and keep them productive.

Supervisors should consider tasks that keep employees fully occupied while also exercising social distancing.

For example, for employees working on campus, that might be working on projects that are best completed when buildings are unoccupied. For those working remotely, it could be finding new and creative ways to collaborate or work on old or new projects. For all employees, there may be useful web-based training and professional development.

While UCF works on solutions to address issues that have been brought to HR’s attention, we encourage all supervisors and employees to think outside the box about how to continue working during this unique time.

Federal Work-Study

Today, UCF received clarity from the U.S. Department of Education on Federal Work-Study during the coronavirus pandemic. This guidance allows FWS students to be paid using scheduled work hours for the term without reporting to work, effective this pay period.

This is good news for our students who rely on this federal aid.

Because of the circumstances, students are not required to work during this period, but some may have worked or would like to continue working. Supervisors have the flexibility to allow this, and students will be paid regardless.

As always, the hours that students work should be documented on a timesheet and submitted to payroll for normal processing. UCF Human Resources will be communicating directly with departmental payroll processors and authorizers about how to pay students who are unable to work.

Moving Forward

Teams from across UCF are in regular communication and making decisions about the university’s next steps. We understand that the element of unknown in this situation is frustrating.

While answers don’t come easy, we assure you UCF is committed to making decisions with the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff members, and larger community in mind.

We’re also committed to sharing regular updates as soon as they are available at UCF’s coronavirus website