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March 27, 2020

In response to students’ requests, UCF will offer undergraduates the option to select a satisfactory/unsatisfactory (S/U) grade or a letter grade for eligible Spring 2020 courses. Students will be able to choose this option from April 10 – 27. Transcripts will indicate that the S/U option was made available this semester because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is critical to understand how S/U grading may affect you. It is imperative to contact your advisor before making a grading decision. In some instances, an S/U grade may impact financial aid, degree program requirements and applications to graduate or professional school.



What is UCF’s grading system?
UCF uses an alphabetic, plus/minus system to identify student grades and other actions regarding student progress or class attendance as outlined below. Refer to the Undergraduate Catalog for detailed information.

Grades Grading Points Per Semester Hour of Credit
A 4.00
A- 3.75
B+ 3.25
B 3.00
B- 2.75
C+ 2.25
C 2.00
C- 1.75
D+ 1.25
D 1.00
D- .75
F 0.00
NC No Credit (replaces the use of D+, D and D- in certain cases)
S Satisfactory (with credit) satisfactory progress
U Unsatisfactory (no credit) unsatisfactory progress

If you choose to select courses for S/U grading, those selected courses with grades that are equivalent to A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+ or C grades will convert to a satisfactory (S) grade. Grades of C-, D+, D, D-, F or NC will convert to an unsatisfactory (U) grade.

How does S/U grading impact GPAs?
Grades of S and U do not impact the GPA. A grade of S will result in credit for the course, but it will not be used in the calculation of the GPA. A grade of U will reflect attempted credit that was not earned in the course, but it will not affect the GPA.

How does an unsatisfactory grade impact my GPA or academic standing? 
A U grade will not impact your GPA, nor does it affect academic standing.

If I am graduating this semester, how will S/U affect me in a class I need to pass to graduate? How will it affect my GPA? 
It is essential to understand and review your degree audit and situation with your department or college advisor.


I am considering opting-in for an S/U grade for a class. How should I proceed? 
Read these FAQs and schedule an appointment to speak with your department or college advisor for guidance.

How do I opt-in to S/U grading? What’s the deadline?
You will complete an online request form using the self-service option in myUCF. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • Consult with your advisor as soon as possible.
  • Between April 10 to 27, submit your request for S/U grading. Go to the myUCF portal and select Student Self Service > Student Center > Other Academic (dropdown menu) > COVID-19 S/U Option.
  • Opt-in no later than 11:59 p.m. on April 27.

When will the request form be available?
The form will be available by April 10. UCF will notify you when it’s available.

What happens if I don’t opt-in for an S/U? 
You will receive the letter grade you earn for your class(es).

Can I withdraw from a class instead of opting-in for an S/U? 
Yes, you can withdraw from a class until Monday, April 20.

If I withdraw from a class, will I have an opportunity to reinstate in a course now that the opportunity to earn a U exists? 
Typically, you must request a withdrawal reversal within three business days from the date you withdrew. For Spring 2020, the request to reverse the withdrawal must occur no later than Wednesday, April 22.


Are there any classes that are not eligible for S/U grading? 
Some classes may not be eligible for S/U grading. Information regarding UCF’s Spring 2020 S/U opt-in policy is forthcoming. You should seek guidance regarding this matter from faculty members and advisors.

 Can I choose an S/U grade for labs?
Most labs are associated with a course. You can select S/U grading if a lab is graded separately and does not require simultaneous registration in a lecture.

If I am taking a prerequisite class, will an S/U grade impact my ability to register for the next course? 
If your degree program requires a grade of a C or higher to advance to the next class, selecting the S/U option for the prerequisite may be inadvisable.

Does S/U grading impact students in special populations or cohorts?
You must contact the program office to determine how S/U grading will affect you.

Student Athletes Academic Services for Student Athletes 407-823-5895
Honors Students Burnett Honors College 407-823-2076
International Students UCF Global 407-823-2337
Veterans Veterans Academic Resource Center 407-823-2707
Pre-professional Students Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising 407-823-0101
Financial Aid Office of Student Financial Assistance 407-823-2827

How will my BHC University Honors status be determined based on Spring 2020 grades?

  • Good standing will be determined by using the UCF cumulative GPA and UCF Honors cumulative GPA as calculated by UCF after Spring 2020 grades are posted.
  • Students currently in good standing who achieve less than a 3.2 UCF cumulative GPA and/or a 3.0 cumulative Honors GPA after Spring 2020 grades are posted will receive a warning letter instead of being placed on probation.
  • Students currently on honors probation who achieve less than a 3.2 UCF term GPA and/or a 3.0 cumulative term GPA after Spring 2020 grades are posted will be placed on extended probation, instead of being removed from university honors.
  • Students graduating in Spring 2020 are expected to meet honors graduation requirements to graduate with university honors:
    • 3.2 UCF cumulative GPA
    • 3.0 honors cumulative GPA
    • Satisfactory completion of a minimum of eight BHC Honors courses as outlined on the BHC website 
    • BHC courses with grades of S will count toward the eight-course requirement.

Will selecting the S/U grading option impact my application to graduate or professional school? 
Please contact the graduate or professional program to which you are applying or the appropriate UCF resource office to discuss the possible impact of an S or U grade on your graduate or professional school application.

  • Degree program advisor
  • Pre-Health and Pre-Law Advising at 407-823-0101
  • College of Graduate Studies at 407-823-2766 (for referrals and advice from comparable programs at UCF)

Will selecting S/U grading impact my financial aid and/or satisfactory academic progress (SAP)? 
S, U and NC grades could help you maintain your current GPA because it won’t change it. S grades may also help you meet the earned hours requirements. However, a U or NC grade would not help you meet the earned hours requirement nor the SAP completion percentage standard.

How will Spring 2020 S/U grades appear on my transcript sent to professional and graduate schools? 
The back of transcripts contains a legend detailing grades. Spring 2020 transcripts will indicate that the S/U grade option was offered this semester because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How will S/U grades be reviewed by Bright Futures or other scholarships that require a GPA and credit requirement? 
U grades will not negatively impact your GPA, and you will not receive credit. S grades also do not affect your GPA, and you will receive credit for completing the course.

I received a U grade in a class, would I have to use grade forgiveness to repeat it later?

Would repeating a course in which I received a U be considered a second attempt? 

Will an S grade meet Gordon Rule Writing, Math, Civic Literacy and State Core requirements? 

Can I complete my Gordon Rule classes with a C-?
Yes. But these courses (courses where a C- is earned) are not eligible for the S/U option.

What tools do I use to help me make registration decisions for the Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021?
Continue to use the Pegasus Path, myKnight Audit and mySchedule Builder to make registration decisions.

Can I appeal my decision to receive an S/U for a class? 
Appeals to reverse your request for an S/U will not be allowed. Before you select S/U grading, consult with a faculty member or your academic advisor.