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November 13, 2020

I am following up with more details on the exception process for employees who will be expected to work on campus in the spring.

As we have announced, we are planning for a spring semester with more face-to-face classes because they are critical to our students’ academic success. This will require an increase in staff working in person in many campus offices, particularly those where employees directly support or provide services to our students and faculty.

UCF will allow up to 50 percent staff occupancy for campus offices in the spring, and physical distancing must be followed. Occupancy may be increased to up to 75 percent with approval from the appropriate vice president. As always, COVID-19 protocols, including physical distancing requirements, must be followed.

There is no requirement that campus offices have any specific percentage of staff working in person. Some offices may not be able to or may not need to operate with larger numbers of employees in the office. They may perform most or all of their work remotely. I encourage you to first talk with your supervisor and learn more about the spring plans for your college, division or department.

Staff required to work on campus will be able to request exceptions if they or anyone who lives in their household is age 70 or older (as of Jan. 1, 2021) or meets at least one of the medical conditions that the CDC has determined make individuals at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. You will find a list of these conditions in the instructions and form for staff exceptions.

Before you start this process, I encourage you to read the entire email to help you better understand how it may or may not apply to you. Should public health conditions require a change, we are ready to pivot to more remote teaching and work at any time if necessary.

Staff Scenarios

The following scenarios are intended to help guide your next steps.

What if I can work remotely and am not being asked to work on campus?
You do not need to go through the exception form process.

What if I want to work on campus and I am either 70 or older, or I have one of the listed conditions?
You may choose to work on campus and not go through the exception form process.

What if I am asked to work on campus, do not want to work on campus and am 70 or older or have one of the listed conditions?
You should go through the exception form process. To receive approval to work remotely, for some or all of your hours, your supervisor and dean’s or director’s office will be asked to review your work responsibilities and must agree that you can perform appropriate job responsibilities remotely. For any hours that you are not able to work remotely, you would have the option of using your accrued leave, if applicable. If you have exhausted your leave and are eligible, you also could apply for Knights Care Leave Share.

Details of Exception Process

Anyone who goes through the process needs to fill out a form and, unless you are claiming the age exception, obtain documentation from either your medical professional or a medical professional who cares for the person in your household with the relevant health condition. To be considered for approval by the start of the spring semester, the deadline for submitting forms and medical documentation is Monday, Dec. 7.

The office that will process requests is the Leave Administration unit in UCF Human Resources that handles all medical requests, such as for the Family and Medical Leave Act. They keep all medical information entirely confidential, and supervisors will not see it. Supervisors will only be involved for the portion of your request that relates to whether or not you can do appropriate remote work.

Please read the instructions with the required paperwork for more details. If you still have questions, please contact

Thank you for all you do for UCF.

Maureen Binder
Associate Vice President
Chief Human Resources Officer