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COVID-19 Trigger Information

UCF has developed a list of triggers for additional on-campus restrictions and increased or full remote learning and working. (Updated August 13, 2021)

The UCF COVID-19 Clinical Oversight Committee and the Emerging Issues and Crisis Response Team (EICRT) have developed decision triggers that consider COVID-19 impacts on campus and in the surrounding community. These triggers will be used to advise on when to make changes to campus operations and are informed by evidence-based science and expert opinions. This list is reviewed and updated as needed to reflect changes in public health guidance. All decisions in response to COVID-19 surges will be made in consultation with the Florida Department of Health at Orange County and with the Florida Board of Governors.

Possible responses to a surge on campus or in our community may include, but are not limited to:

  • Movement of an in-person class or classes to remote, temporarily or long-term
  • Closure of a residence hall, temporarily or long-term
  • Closure of a building or facility, temporarily or long-term
  • Further restriction of activities on campus
  • Full return to remote learning and working

Depending on the situation and analysis of any surge, changes in campus operations may be temporary or long-term.

Campus Triggers

  • COVID-19 related death(s) of students, staff, or faculty
  • On-campus clusters overwhelm our ability to quarantine/isolate and contact trace
  • The number, location and type of cluster
  • Personal protective equipment shortages impacting the ability to test and care for COVID-19 patients
  • Inability to adequately test due to vendor or supply chain problems
  • Employee absenteeism impacting critical operations necessary to maintain current health measures, including sanitation and disinfection efforts
  • Degradation of containment capabilities

Community Triggers

  • Significant, applicable action by the governor or other public official
  • Escalation of Orange County Mayor’s Office’s COVID-19 risk-based guidelines
  • Significant, sustained increase in Orange and Seminole County hospital admissions
  • Insufficient ICU beds and respirators in the region
  • Trends among sister institutions in the Florida State University System
  • Degradation of robust testing capacity in the community, including screening and contact tracing for symptomatic individuals


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