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The message below has been sent out to residents of the Apollo, Libra, Hercules, Nike, Lake Claire, Neptune, Towers at Knights Plaza, and Rosen Communities who indicated they still have belongings in their spring room assignment:

Thank you once again for your patience as we all navigate the impact of COVID-19. Your safety remains our priority, and we will continue to make decisions about move-out with everyone’s health and well-being in mind. Below are the instructions for moving your belongings out of your room. There are three steps to follow, including two options for move-out. Please note that all key access has been deactivated and you must choose one of the below options to retrieve your belongings.


Step 1: Register your retrieval option in the Housing Portal (Open Now)

Log into the Housing Portal and click on the Belonging Retrieval Form to indicate the option you are choosing.

Option 1: I will schedule with Suddath, a third-party moving company, to pack and ship my belongings. I understand there is a charge for this service and that all scheduling, billing and details will be arranged directly with Suddath.

Option 2: I will schedule a move-out appointment with Housing to personally remove my belongings.


Step 2: Schedule Your Move

If you select Option 1, you will need to contact Suddath directly (using the Suddath resident move-out site) to arrange your moving appointment, billing and shipping arrangements.

If you select Option 2, you will choose a move-out appointment time in the Housing Portal beginning the week of May 4. We will send an additional email when the move-out appointments are available in the Housing Portal. Move-out appointments will take place from May 21 through June 17.


Step 3: Move out

Option 1: Moving Company (May 6 – 20)
Suddath will work during your scheduled appointment time to pack, store, ship or discard items as per your agreement with them. Suddath is not able to donate belongings on your behalf.

  • At the scheduled time, UCF DHRL staff will give Suddath access to the contracted room(s).
  • DHRL staff will be on-site in offices during the time Suddath staff is packing belongings.
  • Suddath staff will hold a video conference with the student during packing to ensure identification of the correct belongings.
  • All Suddath employees will be clearly identified via uniform and are Level 2 background checked, which means they have passed a state and national fingerprint-based check that considers disqualifying offenses for employees in positions of trust. UCF will not assume any costs or liability for lost or damaged items.
  • The average cost per resident will range between $200 and $265, excluding long-term storage fees and shipping distances. Charges will vary based on selected services.

Option 2: Move Out Appointment (May 21 – June 17)
You will return to campus during your scheduled appointment date and time to move your belongings out.

  • Appointments are 2 hours in length.
  • To maintain appropriate social distancing, you may bring no more than 2 additional individuals to assist.
  • Appointments are limited by building or floor to adhere with social distancing guidelines.
  • Safety measures will include stanchions and tape on ground for proper distancing.
  • We strongly recommend you bring your own masks and gloves.
  • Key return and express check-out will be a touch-free process.
  • You will only have access to your room on the day of your move out appointment.
  • DHRL staff will be on-site in offices during move out appointment times.
  • Dumpsters and donation locations will be available in all communities.

Thank you for your cooperation as we work through these unprecedented times. We wish you continued health and success. For questions, please respond to this email at