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September 1, 2020

This Friday, September 4, is the tuition and fees payment deadline for any student not receiving financial aid. With the pandemic’s impact, students should be aware of the UCF Tuition Payment Plan and the enrollment timeline.

UCF’s Tuition Payment Plan is a way to defer part of the tuition and fees payment until later in the term. Students who enroll in this plan can pay only 50 percent of their tuition and fees plus a $15 enrollment fee by the September 4 deadline and defer the second half of their payment until Friday, October 30. This option gives students more time to pay their tuition without paying a late fee or being dropped for non-payment.

Enrollment for the plan is currently open, and to avoid paying any late fees and being dropped for non-payment, students must enroll in the payment plan by signing into myUCF and clicking on the “Tuition Payment Plan” link. Students who do not sign up for the payment plan before the September 4 payment deadline can still enroll in the program but will be charged a $100 late fee.

Students receiving financial aid, Florida Prepaid, waivers, or third-party payments already have an extended deadline and are not eligible for the UCF payment plan.

For more information about the Tuition Payment Plan, visit the Student Account Services website.