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August 25, 2020

Welcome home, Knights! We are sharing a few important reminders related to COVID-19 precautions and procedures.

As a reminder, prior to moving into your residence, you acknowledged an addendum to your housing agreement that outlined the community health guidelines you are required to adhere to. We are pleased to see the majority of our residents following these precautions, and we remind you that failure to comply with the terms of the addendum is grounds for termination of your housing agreement.

We ask that all Knights pledge to Armor Up and take the health and well-being steps critical to reduce spread of COVID-19 at UCF. In the event that you or someone you have had close contact with tests positive for COVID-19, you may hear from UCF Housing or Student Health Services about the need to take one of these measures:

  • Relative quarantine: Residents awaiting their COVID-19 test results after move-in should stay home as much as possible until they receive their result. They should avoid crowds and groups as much as possible and obtain food on a “to go” basis (not eating within a restaurant, dining hall, or common eating area and not cooking in community kitchens) until it is confirmed that they have tested negative.
  • Building-based quarantine: Residents who have tested negative for COVID-19 but who have a roommate who has tested positive may be asked to quarantine in their building. This means that while wearing a face covering and practicing physical distancing, they are allowed to leave their individual residence to pick up food from the lobby or do laundry within their building, for example. But they must not leave the threshold of their building for 14 days, the period in which the virus is contagious and could be spread.
  • Isolation: Residents who test positive will be advised to return home or moved to an isolation room at UCF. The isolation period is typically 10 days, and these individuals will not be allowed to leave their room. Wraparound care services, including meal delivery, will be arranged.

The CDC has shared more detailed guidance about what it means to safely quarantine and isolate. Through contact tracing, UCF will be in direct contact with residents about any possible exposure and required next steps.

We recognize that this is will be a unique academic year for our residents, and we remain committed to keeping you informed, engaged and supported.

The on-campus experience this fall depends on all of us taking personal responsibility for our actions. We can be proactive in making the smart, safe decisions that are considerate of our own health and the well-being of others.

Armor Up, Knights, and Charge On!

UCF Housing and Residence Life