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Pegasus Takes Flight

Pegasus Takes Flight

Pegasus, the UCF symbol, soars among the stars in a new mural by local artist Boy Kong.

Summer 2017 

For the Arts Issue, we not only wanted to showcase the exciting work being created by the UCF community, but also to bring some of it to the heart of campus. Painted by Orlando artist Boy Kong with help from his brother Chris Troung, this new 40 feet by 12 feet mural at UCF features the winged, white horse soaring through the night sky, among constellations that are also street names on the university’s campus, including Centaur, Gemini, and Scorpius. It is located next to the main entrance of the Student Union.

Boy Kong sits on the floor and paints a draft of what the mural at UCF will look like. A bright light box is behind him. An image of the painting from above shows Boy Kong's hand painting a white, winged horse in flight with a yellow and black background. Paint brushes lay on top of the painting. Boy Kong paints the outline of a wing on a large white background on a wall. Artist Boy Kong points his finger up at something out of frame. His brother Chris Troung holds a paint can. A palm tree is in the background. Standing on a blue lift, Boy Kong paints details on the face of Pegasus that is still a work in progress while his brother Chris Troung stands on an orange ladder and fills in the black background that will be a wing. Part of the entrance to the Student Union is in view. Part of a white horse is painted on a white background. There is a blue lift in front of it with two blue ladders. Artist Boy Kong is seen from behind painting in the side of the horse while his brother watches next to him. Boy Kong sits on the top step of a ladder holding a paint brush. In the background is the Pegasus mural at UCF in progress. The light from the sun glares in the top of the frame with a bright blue sky with white clouds. A wide shot of the mural at UCF shows a mostly completed horse with giant wings in flight on a black and yellow background. Boy Kong stands on top of an orange ladder in front of the mural, while Chris Troung holds it. Shown at angle looking up from the ground, Boy Kong stands in a blue lift painting details on the mural. Viewed at an angle, the Pegasus mural at UCF is mostly complete. An orange lift and ladder and a green ladder are in front of it. In the lift are Boy Kong and Chris Troung. A woman is walking past. Standing between the mural and an orange lift, Chris Troung paints a clear top coat to the mural using a white roller. The completed Pegasus mural at UCF on the wall of the Student Union shows a white horse with giant wings, with shading done in pinks, purples, and blues, in flight on a yellow and black swirly background. In the black sections, you can see outlines of constellations. Neon colored dots and dashes in pinks, greens, and blues look like confetti. Chris Troung in a black shirt with paint on it is wearing glasses and a tan hat. His brother, artist Boy Kong, stands to the right of him, in a light blue shirt. His tattoo on his left arm is visible. They are leaning against a brick wall and looking directly into the camera.