Reflecting Pond once muddy mess

What to do if you have a yucky, mucky, water filled pit in the heart of your spanking new university campus? You turn it into your most recognizable landmark.

Constructed during the first year of classes, the Reflecting Pond has a unique place in UCF history. It has come along way since the days when it was little more than a big, muddy hole.

For the university’s first few commencement ceremonies, it was drained and filled with graduates.

Among those visiting campus then was President Richard Nixon, who stood at the pool’s edge to deliver the 1973 commencement address.

For more than two decades activities around the pond were restricted because it was feared the Reflecting Pond would become an arena for demonstrators. Since that ilk never surfaced, in recent years even the water of the pond has been open to Homecoming Pep Rally revelers.

-Susan Loden