Greek Life

I attended UCF from 2004 to 2007 and joined Alpha Xi Delta my first week of school. Joining Alpha Xi made UCF’s wonderful community even better for me. Not a day went by, walking to and from class that I didn’t see a familiar face from Greek Life, which made a large campus feel like home.

I met so many wonderful people through my chapter and they are still my closest friends today. They let me know it was OK to be my silliest self and encouraged me to come out of my shell. They helped me pick a major in a field that I am happily working in and now I can’t imagine myself having done anything else. Although I became an adult at UCF, my fondest memories with the girls were when we acted like kids; we put socks on to run and slide across the chapter room floor, rented slip n’ slides and covered our back yard with dish soap bubbles, coordinated a theme for nearly every occasion, etc. I also developed leadership skills beyond my wildest imagination and eventually served as chapter president.

Looking back, one of the highlights and best memories I have while being a student at UCF was the opening of the on campus stadium in Fall 2007. I still remember the songs that were played in the stands and the crowd’s energy. I still bleed black and gold have come back to UCF for nearly every home game since I graduated. UCF was such an amazing community to be a part of and although so much has changed, it still very much feels like home.