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Halloween on Campus

From creepy zombies to glittering beauties, Knights get into the spooky holiday spirit. 

Words and photos by Deanna Ferrante

From creepy zombies to glittering beauties, Knights get into the spooky holiday spirit by dressing up around the UCF campus.

Photo: Amy Pearson (left), a senior forensic science major, and Jasmine Strahan, a junior forensic science, terrify students as gruesome zombies outside the Student Union.
Hoping to scare up some laughs, Maryanee Madeira, a senior marketing major, poses as Suicide Squad member Harley Quinn outside the Student Union. 
Terra Fine, an English writing senior, dazzles her friend with a twirling hula hoop act as a “carnie” at the end of Memory Mall. 
Patrick Reezes, a senior psychology major, pauses outside the Student Union to flash a grin as hotshot pilot Maverick from the movie Top Gun. 
Atticus Palmer, a freshman theatre major, takes a break between classes on Memory Mall dressed as Wirt, a character from the television show Over the Garden Wall
Jeremy Curry, a senior psychology major, poses on Memory Mall as Goku, a character from the television show Dragon Ball Z
Arielle Lerner, a freshman biology major, poses as Mother Nature near Memory Mall. 
Jennifer Belvin, a computer science junior, shows off her spell work as a witch on Memory Mall. 
Dylan Florenez, a sophomore electrical engineering major, poses as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.
Dequan Roberson (left), a film production sophomore, and Tommy Kelly, a sophomore theatre major, pause for a photo outside the Student Union dressed as characters of their own creation, Coyote and the Scarecrow. 
With microphone in hand, Grayson Lanza, a senior political science major, repeats quotes from the movie Anchorman as Ron Burgundy. 
During a picnic lunch by the Reflecting Pond, family members Christine Rivera, an academic services program assistant, Susanna Bryan, a health center senior registered nurse specialist, Kyle Borden, a senior health sciences major, and Leah Barroso, a senior event management major, spring into character as galactic warriors from the Star Wars films.

UCF anthropology professors Sandra Wheeler (left) and Lana Williams pose for a photo as an iconic breakfast duo near the Apollo dorms.