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August 27, 2020

Hello Knights,

The fall semester has begun, and I wanted to provide an update about the Office of Student Financial Assistance. During the pandemic, our office has received higher than usual inquiries via email, phone calls and social media due to our staff working remotely, processing aid, and reviewing and disbursing CARES Act funding.

I am sorry that it has been challenging to reach us, and we are working to respond as quickly as we can. We have added 24 additional staffers to answer phone calls and respond to more than 500 emails each day.

Please note that all students who receive any financial aid are granted an automatic tuition and fee deferment until October 30. This means students with this deferment will not be dropped for non-payment nor be given a late fee.

Also, if you need funds now to help cover the cost of textbooks and supplies, students can apply for a Short Term Advance. This program advances $600 of financial aid, allowing qualifying students to purchase textbooks and supplies and is repaid along with other university expenses once your financial aid is disbursed. Students must have a complete financial aid file and sufficient aid to cover tuition and fees and the cost of books to apply for the program.

Because of the increased volume and our office still operating primarily remotely, the Student Financial Assistance team has created a series of videos that answer the most common questions we receive about financial aid. Here is a list of financial assistance help videos.

These videos provide information for all students receiving aid to navigate the financial aid process successfully. Also, before eligible students can receive their aid, you must complete a series of steps that are outlined on the Financial Assistance website. If you have questions regarding enrollment requirements and eligibility, you can view eligibility charts for the various programs and their requirements.

I appreciate your understanding and patience during these unprecedented times. As we all know, this was not how any of us expected this fall to start, but we are working hard to support and serve you.

Alicia Keaton
Director, Student Financial Assistance