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More information, including a forthcoming updated remote work policy, and additional guidance to assist employees and managers regarding expectations will be shared soon. In order to appropriately provide excellent service and resources for our students and faculty, not all requests for remote or hybrid work schedules should be expected to be approved.

All presently employed tenure-earning faculty who will apply for tenure during or after the 2020-2021 academic year are eligible. If you are currently scheduled to submit your tenure dossier in August 2020, you are eligible.

Those excluded from this opportunity are faculty members who have already been considered for tenure this academic year (that is, those who submitted their dossier in fall 2019, and those tenure-track faculty who will begin their employment with UCF on or after April 1, 2020).

Submit the request to your chair/director (or dean if there are no departments/schools in the college) using the tenure clock extension COVID-19 form. A recommendation is made to the dean, who forwards a recommendation to Faculty Excellence. The extension is issued by Faculty Excellence. It is understood that such requests will be presumptively approved.

Yes. For faculty who are teaching a face-to-face course, you will be notified if a student will be unable to attend class due to COVID. UCF’s public health professionals also determine whether other steps are needed in your class. For example, if contact tracers see a pattern of positive tests in your class, they may determine that the class needs to meet remotely for a time. Faculty may not move to remote teaching on their own, based on reports of illness.

We understand that your students respect you and trust you as their faculty member. You can show them the website for the latest information and resources, and if appropriate, point them to UCF Counseling and Psychological Services.

Yes. A year will be added to the adjusted time period following the previous extension.

Yes. A year will be added to your original dossier submission date. You will still be able to request a withdrawal of some or all of your tenure credit per regulation 3.015 if you would like to do so at a later date.

  • Tell them to call the UCF COVID Line.
  • When the student calls the COVID Line that begins a process through which you will be
    notified by Jana Jasinski that the student may be away from your in-person class
    temporarily. You only need to work with the student so they may continue in the class.
  • If you have concerns about a student not calling the COVID Line, you may call to provide
    the student’s name to COVID Line nurses
  • Please do not tell or advise your entire class to contact the COVID Line.

Faculty members may hold their office hours online, in person, or a combination of both. Please consider what works best for your students.

No. The standards specified in your department/school and college governance documents, as well as Regulation 3.015, remain in effect when your tenure review occurs. The department/school and college standards will be applied without prejudice.

Meetings, training sessions and other group discussions should continue to occur in virtual platforms, rather than traditional face-to-face meetings, as much as possible. Some of the available tools are Skype, Teams and Zoom. Continued physical distancing remains critical to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

If a faculty member has a majority of their tenure earning credit by the time new tenure criteria are adopted, they shall be evaluated for tenure under the criteria as they existed prior to modification unless the employee notified the university in writing at least 30 days prior to commencement of the tenure consideration that they choose to be evaluated under the newly adopted criteria.

No. As per regulation 3.015, faculty may choose to be considered for tenure on the regularly scheduled time period (in the sixth year for faculty not in the College of Medicine and the eighth year in the College of Medicine).

Yes. If you are scheduled to submit your tenure dossier after August 2020, then you must file your tenure clock extension request by September 1, 2020.

Beginning April 1, 2020, you can formally apply for the extension.

Departments should proceed as they normally would with regular orders for office items such as soap, hand sanitizer, paper towels and other cleaning supplies. These items are especially important as employees begin returning to work and have the need to clean their personal workspaces, and departments should continue with their normal processes for procuring these supplies at their own cost.

Departments with additional needs for cleaning and disinfecting supplies beyond their regular orders should seek authorization prior to purchasing by directing their requests to It is important that any new requests for items intended to prevent further spread of COVID-19 funnel through this centralized request system in case there is a possibility for future reimbursement.

You may use your p-card as usual. Follow the routine guidelines and procedures. All F&A procedures remain status quo until further notice.

The Florida Board of Governors, which oversees state universities, has directed UCF, along with the state’s other public universities, to extend our period of remote learning through the end of the spring semester. This important and necessary action will protect the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff.

Faculty and staff who are working remotely should expect to continue to do so for the immediate weeks ahead. We will continue to keep you informed about remote working guidelines as decisions are made about campus operations for the remainder of the spring semester.

Some employees will be required to be on campus because they support remote learning, campus operations and other areas. It is supervisors’ responsibility to appropriately determine which employees have duties that don’t allow them to work remotely.
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