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Dear Colleagues:

I am grateful for your prompt efforts to prepare for another storm and now our students’ impending return to class.

While most campus business is paused today for Veterans Day, faculty who wish to check on their offices or labs may do so. As previously announced, courses scheduled for Saturday will resume as planned. However, as I instructed before the storm, assignments and tests scheduled for this past Wednesday and Thursday must be postponed to Monday or later. Students disrupted by Nicole need this consideration. If you learn of students with outstanding needs, please ask them to contact Student Care Services by filling out this form.

If you are unable to make it to your classes, please alert your department chair immediately. Departments should handle these absences as they do when a faculty member is ill. For faculty and staff in need, our Employee Assistance Program is available to provide work, life and mental health support.

Nicole added to a highly stressful time for our Knights family. Thank you for continuing to support and look out for one another, and please take care of yourself.

Michael D. Johnson, Ph.D.

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs