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Current forecasts call for sustained tropical storm force winds to impact the Orlando area from Wednesday afternoon through Friday morning.

Students who can safely return home or to another location to ride out the storm will be more comfortable there and should leave as soon as their classes are finished today.

Campus operations will now be closed from Wednesday, Sept 28 through Friday, Sept. 30. We expect to reopen Saturday, Oct. 1, and we will continue to provide regular updates about reopening.

Family Weekend activities are canceled, and the Office of First Year Experience will be reaching out to registered guests. Saturday’s home football game remains slated for a 3:30 p.m. kickoff, and UCF Athletics will communicate additional information.

Effective at 4 p.m. Wednesday, University Boulevard will be the only entrance to campus and only critical personnel and student on-campus residents will be allowed to enter campus from there. All exits will remain open.

For Students

  • UCF Campuses will be closed Wednesday through Friday, and access to all buildings and services will be unavailable.
  • Students who will remain in their residence halls should purchase food and supplies today. Grocery shuttles are available from the main and Downtown campuses to nearby Publix stores.
  • The University cannot guarantee power and wifi. Access to food, water and police and medical assistance will depend on storm conditions.
  • All academic assignments, including for all classes with online components, are suspended beginning Wednesday, Sept. 28, until classes resume.
  • UCF is encouraging faculty members to be understanding that students will be putting their personal safety first.

For Employees

  • UCF will now be closed for campus operations on Friday.
  • During the campus closure, only essential employees are expected to work. Supervisors are encouraged to ensure all employees have adequate time to prepare their homes and help loved ones prepare for the storm.

For Wednesday through Friday, employees should follow the instructions below for tracking their time. Please refer to the Emergency Closure knowledge article for instructions and graphics related to how to report emergency closure time off in Workday. 

Non-exempt and exempt employees:

  • Non-exempt/hourly employees (USPS and A&P) must use the Emergency Closing Time Off category to report their time off for days when the university closes operations.
  • Non-exempt/hourly OPS/student employees cannot be paid for time not physically worked. 
  • Exempt/salaried employees (including faculty) do not need to report emergency closure time off. No special time tracking code is required.

Essential workers: 

  • Non-exempt essential workers (USPS and A&P) must use the FEMA Time Worked (In/Out) category to report time worked during the emergency closure.
  • Exempt essential workers must use the Emergency Closing Worked category to track time worked during the emergency closure. UCF uses this category solely for the purposes of FEMA reimbursement for storm-related expenses.
  • Non-exempt/hourly OPS/student employees who are required to work during the closure must use the FEMA Time Worked (In/Out) category to report time worked during the emergency closure.