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Dear Colleagues:

To prepare for Tropical Storm Nicole, UCF has canceled all classes, including online courses, for tomorrow and Thursday. Any homework or exams planned for or due on those days must be postponed until Monday or later.

Please be prepared to help students navigate the challenges that Nicole may bring. As with Hurricane Ian, your flexibility will make all the difference in helping students stay on track for success

This resource about campus safety and closures from the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning may be helpful for your course preparations. For those with labs, please use tomorrow morning if necessary to secure them. Access to campus will not be restricted, and we appreciate you addressing any outstanding needs early in the day to allow for buildings to be secured in advance of the storm. Please refer to these Office of Research procedures to identify necessary actions.

UCF is already closed on Friday for Veteran’s Day. Based on current storm forecasts, we anticipate that services normally operating on holidays and weekends can reopen Friday as usual. However, storm conditions often change rapidly, and much depends on how the university and our area fare.

After the storm passes, campus and local conditions will be assessed. Please look for UCF texts and emails for important notices and check UCF’s Nicole Updates for the latest information.

Despite the latest disruptions from Nicole, UCF must still meet its obligations to ensure academic integrity under Title IV and to our institutional accreditor. As you look ahead to the rest of the semester, please consider how you will cover the intended course material.

Thanks for all you do to keep UCF moving forward during these challenging times. Above all, please prepare and stay safe.

Michael D. Johnson, Ph.D.

Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs