First Impressions

What do you notice most when entering someone’s office? And how does that impression impact you? Office décor is a behavioral footprint. It can be intentional or accidental. Choices can range from traditional to contemporary to comfortably cluttered. Knickknacks, photos, stacks of paper, plants, expensive furniture: These all say something about you and the place that you may spend more waking hours at than home.

Dr. Anne Norris walks up to 12 miles a day at her treadmill desk, a gift from her husband.

Dr. Michael Georgiopoulos readies his office for his first day as interim dean at the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Dr. Carolyn Hopp, ’01, shows off her favorite keepsake from her UCF student days—the Order of Pegasus award.

Dr. Paul Jarley, College of Business Administration dean, displays his baseball collection in his office.

Hidden from view is Dr. Gene Paoline’s collection of New York Mets memorabilia.