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Innovation drives everything we accomplish.

We are one of the nation’s most innovative universities and it is an innate mindset that we are always looking at the horizon for what’s possible and what’s next.

As the University for the Future, it’s our responsibility to always be planning for it.

Goals and Initiatives


Diversify the university’s revenue and resource base to reduce financial vulnerability and provide flexible funds for strategic investment.


Annual Fundraising

Endowment Value

Priority Initiatives

Invest in programs and personnel to foster a culture of philanthropy and bolster the professional advancement function.
Evaluate options to grow UCF Online to generate revenue, extend access, enhance national and international exposure, and experiment with programs, credentials, and learning modalities.
Evaluate options to leverage the university’s real estate holdings.

Institutionalize campus sustainability with a focus on service excellence.


STARS* Rating

Priority Initiatives

Provide dedicated funding and integrate STARS performance criteria into academics, operations, administration, and planning.
Upgrade IT infrastructure and facilities to enhance service excellence, minimize impact of network outages, and reduce risk of cyberattacks.
Conduct a comprehensive activity-based accounting of campus services to determine how much it costs to educate a Knight.

Enhance UCF’s brand and national reputation


USNWR Peer Evaluation Rating**

Priority Initiatives

Launch targeted and comprehensive marketing initiatives that raise UCF’s national profile by highlighting academic excellence, student achievements, research and creative activities, and membership in the Big XII athletic conference.
Note. *STARS = Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System.
**USNWR = U.S. News & World Report