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Everyone possesses inherent potential — it’s our mission to unleash it.

Our world-class education and unique opportunities empower students to realize their full potential to experience a robust transformation. We believe our students and their ideas have the power to change the world.

We should design our services, curriculum, and academic and research experiences with inclusion at the core. The power of transformation should not be hindered by where you come from nor where you can go.

Goals and Initiatives


Accelerate undergraduate progression and graduation and reduce interferences that cause hardship or delay.


FTIC Freshman Retention Rate

FTIC 4-year Graduation Rate

FTIC 6-year Graduation Rate

FTIC Pell Recipient 6-year Graduation Rate

AA FCS 2-year Graduation Rate

Priority Initiatives

Optimize the use of predictive analytics to identify students in need of support, guide individual interventions by student advisors, highlight financial aid decisions, guide policy adjustments, and mitigate barriers to progression and graduation.
Evaluate the structure of the DirectConnect to UCF program to emphasize major readiness and student success.

Enrich the student learning experience for the development of career and cultural competencies


Percentage of Undergraduate Students With at Least One High-Impact Practice (HIP) by Graduation

Undergraduate Class Size Index Rank*

Percent of Graduates Enrolled or Employed

Priority Initiatives

Expand access to high impact learning practices such as study abroad, peer mentoring, and undergraduate research.
Hire faculty and academic advisors; invest in instructional resources to enrich the student experience and reduce undergraduate class sizes.
Connect students to Career Services earlier in their progression, expand the use of skills badging, and enhance career integrated curriculum.
Expand the development of quality digital learning experiences and the breadth of professional master’s degrees and graduate certificates to meet the specialized workforce needs of the region and state.

Provide financially accessible educational experiences.


Percentage of Students Who Graduate Without Federal Student Loan Debt

Priority Initiatives

Optimize student assistance to support progression and graduation, including transfer students enrolled part-time, by investing in software to enhance the development and delivery of financial aid.
Increase graduate student stipends and professional degree scholarships.
Note. *U.S. News & World Report.