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Students with non-urgent health concerns may call the 24-Hour Nurse Line (855-870-3647).

Counseling and Psychological Services’ 24/7 crisis line can be reached at 407-823-2811, press 5.

If you feel you need some additional support, here are some additional resources from UCF Counseling and Psychological Services: 

  • Keep yourself informed, yet avoid obsessing over the news.
  • Gather supplies that help you manage distress in the moment (stress balls, coloring books, stuffed animals, etc.).
  • Talk it out! Reach out to family and friends and discuss your feelings.
  • You can also use our Therapy Assisted On-line (TAO) program with modules to provide support during the storm. Access TAO by finding it in the UCF App under Wellbeing, or by using this direct link (enrollment key: stay calm): e/185/StayCalm/