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On Campus – Spring 2018

From winning an American Athletic Conference title to participating in a Recreation and Wellness Center yoga class, campus was an energetic and lively place to be during Spring 2018. 
Young Fans
Nov. 24 – Young fans waited to welcome Knightro and the football team outside Spectrum Stadium before the Knights defeated the University of South Florida, 49-42.
American Athletic Conference Celebration
Dec. 2 – Players celebrated winning the American Athletic Conference championship title after UCF defeated Memphis 62-55 in double overtime.
Honorary Doctoral Degree for Kareem
Dec. 16 – President John C. Hitt awarded Kareem Abdul-Jabbar an honorary doctoral degree in public service during commencement.
UCF Cheerleaders
Jan. 12 – UCF Cheerleading got in some extra practice before the national championship competition, where they placed second.
Press Play Conference at FIEA
Jan. 13 ­– Development director and producer for Electronic Arts Isabelle de MacHenri ’15 spoke about women in the gaming industry as part of the Press Play Conference at FIEA.
Perfect Balance
Jan. 21 ­– A student practiced her balance on Memory Mall.
Yoga Nidra
Jan. 23 – Students participated in a class on yoga nidra, which is known as psychic sleep, at the Recreation and Wellness Center.
Knight Mural
Last fall, while a hurricane threatened our state, local artist Kevin Thomas began working on a new mural on the CFE Arena. The wind and rain halted progress temporarily, but like a true Knight, he charged on. We think the final piece is not only a great addition to campus but captures our unbreakable resolve.