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UCF College of Medicine Makes a Wish Come True

UCF College of Medicine Makes a Wish Come True

For one special day, Make-a-Wish kid Hannah Culler experienced being a doctor at UCF College of Medicine.

Spring 2018

On December 11, UCF and the Make-A-Wish Foundation made an ailing teen’s medical school dream a reality. Hannah Culler, 18, has mast cell activation syndrome, a severe immune disorder that causes life-threatening allergic reactions. Culler has dreamed of attending the UCF College of Medicine and becoming a doctor. During her visit, she helped deliver a baby from a robot simulator and diagnosed a computerized mannequin with congenital heart failure. She also participated in the college’s White Coat Ceremony.

“Many people can live a whole lifetime and not have their dream come true, and today UCF is making our daughter’s dream come true. We have no words, just thanks and appreciation.”
Karen Culler, Hannah’s mother

Miles Culler traveled from Ohio to attend UCF for a day

Days Culler spent in the hospital last year

Age Culler was diagnosed with mast cell activation syndrome

Years spent planning Hannah’s Make-A-Wish trip to UCF